the need.

With healthcare associated infections killing more than one million people annually, Unify One’s client aimed to create a multi-component disinfection system that is effective against multi-drug resistant organisms. This system would be a giant improvement from using only a mop and a bucket of bleach water. But, since the same hospital staff member would be using the application, the custom software solution needed to be as intuitive and easy to use.

Their client was searching for a software development team who could help bring their custom software solution idea to market. Though the science was proven, a product that harnessed the science needed to be evolved.  The solution required effectivity early on and creation in unison with all parties involved in the product. This challenged Unify One to take the lead on simplifying a complex process entailing numerous different variables.

the solution.

Unify One worked with specialized doctors, electrical/hardware engineers, mathematicians, and manufacturers to steer the multi-disciplined team into finalizing the bluetooth communication protocol between the disinfection hardware and Android device. They also finalized operational sequence algorithms needed to efficiently disinfect hospital and health center rooms.

Unify One then developed a healthcare mobile app that runs on specific validated Android devices that controlled the disinfection devices. This native Android mobile app is distributed through a proprietary distribution method inside hospitals and healthcare centers.  

With return on investment in mind, the custom software solution was brought to market in light speed. Unify One remained involved and implemented a two-week continuous development cycle. It utilized this methodology to learn and make improvements that adapted to its end user.

The Impact.

The mobile application Unify One produced has been implemented in hundreds of hospitals and medical centers globally. Their continuous development methodology allowed their client to be technically superior than its big brand competitors. The development process Unify One pioneered for their client is still providing them with the capability to release features in shorter time frames to increase their market share. Because of the rapid rate of adaptation worldwide, Unify One translated the application to multiple languages. The mobile application is currently being utilized over 300,000 times yearly and is saving lives through the advanced solution designed.

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