the need.

When cleaning is more about health than appearances, communication becomes integral to success. With their new technology and equipment, our client’s ability to disinfect rooms for the healthcare industry is unmatched. But our client needed more than sanitized rooms. They needed to communicate among their entire team from cleaners to management: Which rooms were awaiting cleaning versus in process or complete? How long did cleaning take in each room? Who was involved? Was any of the equipment ready for maintenance?


the solution.

Unify One Solutions explored issues and goals during a white boarding session. Various technologies were considered, but is was soon discovered that a portal would be the best way to allow the team to communicate with each other, mostly because the equipment itself also needed to communicate with the rest of the team.


the impact.

With the real-time data provided through the portal, the team can ensure the cleanliness of the areas used for healthcare as well as manage the cleaning team and equipment more efficiently and effectively. Our client found that while portal’s cost- and time-saving benefits have become a strong selling point, the portal’s communication of the unmatched effectiveness of the equipment frequently tips the scale.


"[Unify One] provides us with solutions we didn’t even know were an option, solutions that we didn’t know we could or should do. They are informative and think outside the box."

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