the need.

Shamrock International was already a highly successful company. Having proven their expertise in hybrid manufacturing and vendor-managed engineering, they wanted to increase their market share by providing a more common, higher volume, and lower cost product without confusing their current customer base. 

Selling fasteners directly to consumers online, they would be able to expand their sales and provide over 40,000 SKUs from multiple suppliers straight to the consumer through a secondary website. The secondary large scale ecommerce site would need to be able to manage thousands of SKUs, sync inventory, and apply price and product updates with their suppliers on a nightly basis to obtain the most accurate inventory count available. The direct-to-consumer model would also require new photos, marketing, and direct integrations with the suppliers.


the solution.

Unify One Solutions chose to develop the ecommerce site on Magento. Magento’s popularity, control and customization, inventory management, speed, and performance gave it the edge over other platforms such as Shopify. They applied their knowledge of Shamrock International’s clientele to produce a custom software solution with future-proof code. It would consistently maintain a fresh look for the site without additional coding. In addition, Unify One Solutions provided their own team of digital marketers and designers to provide the website design and photographers to shoot new product photos.

After the ecommerce site was developed, Unify One Solutions began to learn more about Shamrock International’s customer base. Heavily monitoring traffic on the website enabled them to learn how the customers were shopping. Based on this information, Unify One Solutions implemented a rewards program to encourage Shamrock International’s buyers to continue purchasing from them. This – in addition to continuous development support allowed them to provide an end-to-end ecommerce service to Shamrock International.


the impact.

Unify One Solution’s full-service design and creation of the site provided an e-commerce store with an 80% retention rate for all customers. After the site was created, revenue was generated with little effort due to the ease of use and purchase on the site. Unify One Solutions also provides maintenance and support of the site, and because of the future-thinking code developed, the site only requires less than 25% man hours per month – well under the average rate to maintain a site with such complexity. 


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