the need.

nTelle is a startup company looking to attract investors and crush time-to-market expectations.  They’re introducing a product that provides micro-targeted advertisements to a captive audience.  They needed a working prototype to display targeted ads on top of live TV and a design to allow advertisers to manage the ads.



the solution.

Their prototype was developed in 3 weeks. While leading an electrical engineering team, Unify One Solutions co-developed a product that was prototyped on a Rasberry Pi. The software interface controlled a hardware device that displayed targeted ads on existing public TVs.

The product was developed on a cross-platform framework that allowed it to be manufactured on post prototype hardware. It was accompanied by a solution that allowed advertisers to target customers and to choose and manage the ads remotely.

the impact.

Their idea was brought to life. The client demoed their product to prospective clients, industry leaders and investors.  Feedback was received with very little investment. This saved nTelle thousands in misguided requirements and R&D.  The prototype served its purpose – it conveyed potential value that would be missing from a simple slide presentation.

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